Music in Supernatural Season 6


6.01 Exile on Main St. 
Bob Seger – Beautiful Loser
6.02 Two and a Half Men 
Smoke On the Water – Deep Purple
6.03 The Third Man 
no music played
6.04 Weekend at Bobby’s 
The Gambler – Kenny Rogers
6.05 Live Free or Twi-Hard 
Bela Lugosi’s Dead – Bauhaus
6.06 You Can’t Handle The Truth 
no music played
6.07 Family Matters 
No music played
6.08 All Dogs Go To Heaven 
No music played
6.09 Clap Your Hands If You Believe 
X-Files Theme
Close Encounters of the Third Kind Theme
Space Oddity – David Bowie
6.10 Caged Heat
No music played
6.11 Appointment In Samarra
No music played
6.12 Like A Virgin
Aerosmith – Back in the Saddle
Jethro Tull – A New Day Yesterday
6.13 Unforgiven
no music played
6.14 Mannequin 3: The Reckoning
Nazareth – Love Hurts
6.15 The French Mistake
no music played
6.16 …And Then There Were None
no music played
6.17 My Heart Will Go On
Blondie – One Way Or Another
Celine Dion – My Heart Will Go On
6.18 Frontierland
no music played
6.19 Mommy Dearest
Hot Chocolate – You Sexy Thing
Jefferson Starship – Miracles
6.20 The Man Who Would Be King
Billy Paul – Me & Mrs. Jones
6.21 Let It Bleed
Scars On 45 – Loudest Alarm
The Undisputed Truth – Smiling Faces Sometimes
6.22 The Man Who Knew Too Much
Kansas – Carry On, Wayward Son
The Rolling Stones – Play With Fire

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